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'A show that combines camp and genuine horror to create a thrilling portrait of a disturbed mind. From Shaw’s intensely creepy introduction to the audience when they enter (finger tapping has never been so disturbing) to his manic justification for his actions, the 50 minutes flies by. I was lucky enough to see the final performance. Shaw was clearly emotional at the end- a true sign of how much passion he has put into creating this character. But read the warnings.. certainly far from a family show. Loved it!'

'Bold, brave and brilliant! So imaginative, inventive and utterly terrifying. Such a talented, committed performer and an unforgettable theatrical experience. A must see! Thank you!'

'Really great to see Under the Floorboards last night. I was not in the mood for watching anything let alone a dark show about a serial killer but when theatre does its job one can be snapped out of any foul mood in an instant.
Directed, performed, written and designed by the one and only Simon Shaw who combines, puppetry, light, atmosphere, sound scape and physicality to create an engaging and disturbing show that never ceases to entertain and energise its crowd. Well worth a watch as I am sure he is going to keep bring gold to stage for years to come.'

'A thrilling, terrifying, and extremely well-done piece of theatre! A must-see. Superbly acted & written, 50 completely captivating minutes.'

'Being a fan of the horror genre, I was immediately drawn to this play and it did not disappoint. The acting is sublime, the intimate venue a perfect setting for this macabre tale of killings that changed America forever. This show was intense and thrilling, it never let up in it’s brutal and honest telling of a man on the edge of sanity. I highly recommend this brilliant and thought-provoking thrill ride!'


An insane portrayal of a real life killer yet also done with sympathy and compassion. Shaw is charismatic and energising...You won’t wanna miss it.'



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